How to Apply for DOT OSP License in India?

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DOT OSP license is a necessary document without which running an OSP center won’t be possible. The OSP Centres are IT enabled centres that use telecommunication resources. These centres can be any of the following:

  1. Call centres
  2. BPOs
  3. Tele marketing centres
  4. Tele trading centres
  5. Tele banking centres
  6. Tele education centres

All of these are IT enabled services are only possible after a proper license for them is obtained. This license is called the OSP license. In order to obtain the license, there are some pre conditions that you have to adhere to and there are some steps to follow.

The steps to obtaining the license

The pre condition to obtain the license is as follows:

  • You need to establish and incorporate a private limited company: The steps to undertake the same are given below:
    • Gather the documents required for company registration
    • Decide upon the name of the company.
    • Obtain the DIN and DSC
    • Draft the Moa and the AOA.
    • File the application for company registration online
    • Get the Certificate of incorporation.

Once the above condition has been met, you can begin with applying for DOT OSP License by gathering the documents that are given below:

  1. Certificate of incorporation
  2. MOA and the AOA of the company
  3. Purpose of the OSP centre
  4. Board resolution or affidavit that authorizes the signatory
  5. Shareholding  pattern of the company
  6. List of directors of the company

These documents are needed to be gathered and submitted along with the application to obtain OSP License. You submit it online and after it has been scrutinized and properly accepted by the Department of Telecommunication, you will get the license.