How to Lose OSP Registration?

OSP license gives you the liberty to be able to run a call center. However, there have been several instances where with time, people tend to become complacent with their surroundings and even one misstep can lead to cancellation of the OSP registration. Now, these missteps are needed to be avoided. Therefore, through this article, we are going to tell you how to lose OSP Registration. This way you would know what missteps to avoid while you are running an OSP.

Conditions as specified by the DOT

Before we begin with the blog, it is necessary for you to know that the terms that have been dictated here are not our words, but the words of the department of telecommunication. This presents the necessity for you to know about them.

  1. If your existence is damaging to the public: There can be several circumstances that makes the existence of your OSP a threat to the public or the state. This can be breach in conduct, safety issues, or a national security breach. In such cases, the OSP license can be terminated outright, without warning, without any prior notice. Therefore, if you want to avoid being terminated without prior information, you need to be careful and not indulge in the unsafe and the immoral.
  2. There have been several complaints from the public:  Now, there can be scenarios where the public would compliant if your quality, your ethics or the working conditions are not up to the task. In such scenarios, the Department of telecommunication can hold and inquiry for that matter. If the inquiry bore a negative fruit towards your conduct, then it is time to say good bye to your license. However, depending upon the scale of your misconduct, there might not be termination, but rather suspension. Temporary suspensions give you a chance to be able to grow, but still mires you with a permanent blot on your name.

There can be times where you feel the termination is unfair. But remember, regardless of that, the department of telecommunication shall not be deemed responsible for that matter. Here is another thing, if your license has been suspended for a limited amount of time, you won’t get the extension and the time spent is suspension shall be counted among the natural period of license itself.

The4 core reasons for such matters to come to surface are scams, and Indian OSP business is ripe with it. So be ethical, be forward and never ever cause any distress to the public.