Why do Call Centres in India Require an OSP License

Why dot osp license required

In order to conduct any sort of business, one needs to have a license to do so. This is especially true in case of Other Service Providers or OSPs. OSPs like BPO, Call centers, and other IT-enabled service providers make use of intricate hardware throughout their infrastructure. They take telecom resources to conduct their businesses, and they use other internet tools to provide outsourcing business to their clients. Each and every one of the resources can only be used at such a scale if you have a proper license for it. Why is that? Throughout the course of this article, this is the matter that we are going to ponder upon.

The need for a license

As we have already stated, any form of business requires us to get a proper license. However, an OSP License is a specialized license that came into existence with the need of overseeing the center properly and ensuring that no unscrupulous activity is conducted. Following are the reasons an OSP License is required:

  1. To ensure that the DOT standards are met: OSP license is only given to individuals who can meet the standards of OSP.
  2. To ensure that the proper security measures are taken care for at all times
  3. To ensure that the resources that the call center is using are taken from an authenticated source. This is an important factor to heed to.
  4. To ensure that the company data is present in case there is a national emergency.
  5. To keep the activities of the OSP into account at the times of inspections.

Now, none of them might be looking as something that you might want to consider as it imposes you to a certain level of scrutiny. However, Tough luck! Without OSP license, you cannot run a call center. Furthermore, in the long run, you would want to have a legal foundation for your call center.